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Potency Guaranteed. Quality Controlled.

We take pride in working strictly with the three top farms in PA to source our products. Originally, eight farms were considered, but only the three that we work with offered full transparency; first-hand access to their facilities; and a desire to take Buddy’s Bud Co on a journey of their processes to show true quality and care of their products.


Our partner farms give us a tremendous amount of liberty to quality check them through farm visitations, weekly product feedback meetings, and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture approved lab testing that gets updated with every new product they provide.We encourage any and all of our customers to inquire about each product's origin, potency, and freshness!

Who Is Buddy?

Buddy is my best friend! The store was named for the handsome doggy in the picture. It only made sense to honor this little fella with a store that possesses his best qualities: the ability to make everyone feel loved, welcomed, and special. He occasionally makes a guest appearance, so check our Instagram for updates when he’s here. (Also, peep his cute little socks in the middle picture!)

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